Board of Directors

President/High Priestess - Syleena
3rd Degree

Syleena was born in the multicultural city of Seattle. She feels have very lucky to to have grown up in a place where she always felt free to practice her path, no matter what the path may have been at that time. Her hereditary background is very mixed, but mostly of Norse and American Indian (Chippewa Turtle Mountain Band) heritage. Both sides of her genealogy share familial and ancestral magic and clairvoyance. Though her mother is a Roman Catholic and father a Lutheran to Catholic convert – there was no denying the strong pull of clairvoyance that seeped through the gene line. She spent many years of her youth trying to make sense of things that she could see and feel that no one else could.

From then she walked many religious paths and ended up settling in Wicca by the age of twenty-five. British Traditional Wicca felt the most comfortable to her. She started to dabble in Tarot at the age of twenty and began giving tarot readings professionally soon after.

From there her path fell before her and she landed under the wing of some of the best Witches of our time. In 2017 Syleena started Triple Goddess Coven with a few Witchlings and received the church’s federal 501c3 non-profit church status the same year. Syleena has always wanted to be a spiritual mother to many and opted out of having children. She is completely fulfilled with her church, her amazing brother and sister, and two beautiful nieces. Her life’s mission is to create the first brick and mortar Wiccan Church in her community. 

When Syleena is not being magical, she is the Lead Laboratory Assistant of the very hospital in which she was born. She processes specimens and draws blood from people on a very mundane non-sacrificial level. She also loves animals and hopes to pet a tiger someday…without getting eaten.


Vice President - Aura
2nd Degree

Aura was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. She grew up in a pagan household and was raised by a dynamic force of awesome women –  her mother and grandmother.  She has been looking for community for many years and has found a spiritual home in Triple Goddess Coven.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University and is part owner of a successful lawn care and landscaping company. 

Aura joined TGC in January 2018 and earned her First Degree.  Soon after she stepped into the role of Vice President. Aura helps write and conduct Triple Goddess Coven’s public rituals, is responsible for food and drink at the annual Witches’ Ball, helps with public outreach, and supports the High Priestess (president) as needed.

When she is not helping the church, she is sewing clothing out of vintage sheets, traveling with her family, and enjoying her pet chickens. She also follows the High Priestess around and feeds her crackers and water – mostly because no one likes a dead or whiny High Priestess. 

Secretary - Serenity
2nd Degree

Serenity was born in Tukwilla, Washington and raised in Edgewood, Washington. Her mother immigrated from Costa Rica to the USA, married, and began a successful family business. With strong Latino parents. Serenity was raised speaking Spanish and English. Her life long dream was to bring communities together and transform them through story telling, so she auditioned for Ithaca College’s Theatre  Art program and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Serenity felt she was a witch her entire life, but having been raised in a strict Roman Catholic household, was never able to truly pursue her calling until her thirties, when she and her husband bought their own home, and she had a safe space to explore and practice her true beliefs and spiritual interests.

In 2017 Serenity joined Triple Goddess Coven. She earned her first degree and became the Church’s secretary soon after. She is grateful to have found a community where she can merge her passion as a professional theatre artist, educator, and earth based spiritual practitioner. Her hopes are to continue to serve Triple Goddess Coven as secretary and to help produce public rituals in an effort to continue to provide meaningful, creative and enlightening experiences for members of our community.

She hopes every magickal working she generates will enrich, inspire and encourage deeper spiritual engagement for every participant.

Together, we can honor our ancestors, honor our beloved Gaia, honor the divinity within ourselves, and choose to live more harmoniously as a people connected to all of Mother Nature and our goddesses’ many generous blessings.

When Serenity is not recording events and details for Triple Goddess Coven she is helping her mother run the family business and memorizing Shakespeare. She also likes bunnies…a lot.

Danielle - Treasurer

Danielle was born in Casper Wyoming and later moved to Colorado. Her parents then moved to Washington when she was eight years old. She was not raised in any religion, but found herself drawn towards the Greek Pantheon in a familiar way after watching Xena Warrior Princess in her teenage years. After meeting her Husband, a fallower of the Baptist religion, she attended a Baptist church for a few years, but always felt lost in that religion and never quite fit in. After meeting some spiritual friends in a yoga class and learning about chakras, meditation, and crystals (a more familiar feeling) – she said enough with this Baptist church and started to follow the spiritualist path and eventually started attending a spiritualist church in Puyallup, WA and even got her husband to join too! She enjoyed learning and growing in spiritual knowledge at the spiritualist church, but still felt that something was missing. After landing a job at Crescent Moon Gifts she found the missing piece in learning about Paganism/Wicca. HUZZAH! She had found her true path!

After being a solitary practitioner for four years she joined Triple Goddess Coven in November of 2019. Loving the community and family feel of the Coven she quickly dived into anything she could within the Coven. Soon after joining she started her path to becoming a First Degree and then was voted to be Coven Treasurer. She loves to help the Coven out in anyway she can….even if that means creating fake bloody organs for her High Priestess to pull out of a mummy.

When not hanging out and tending to Coven duties, she is at home taking care of her three children, three cats, one dog, and a husband who (lets face it) is the most demanding. She is also the events manager at Crescent Moon Gifts, where she schedules classes, runs the big festivals, and cracks the whip on order – we must have order! Also, she is totally in with Krampus – so pretty much no one messes with her…