About Our Coven

What We Believe

We gain inspiration from the balance of nature and the Gods and Goddesses. We honor our sacred ancestral lines by observing the Sabbats and Esbats in astrological timing. We do this through the practice of British Traditional Wicca. In accordance with our tradition and symbol of the Triple Goddess, we unify ourselves as Light Workers through activities, education, partnerships, and collaborations within our city and larger community. It is our goal to see Pagans all over the world erect and worship in temples of the Gods and Goddesses.

We claim the belief in a polytheistic Pantheon of Goddesses and Gods, who guide us as Light Workers to Universal Consciousness and Benevolence to all living things.

We honor the sacred ground of our ancestral mother line, as well as the land we are set upon today, using its bounty to aid us in our workings while treating it with respect and sanctity.

We affirm the responsibility of each person to seek his or her own truth and to contribute to the collective wisdom of the church.

We live to keep the Old Religion, Nature Worship, alive. We are guardians of the Earth and servants of the Nature Goddess. We are connected with the seasons, the plants, the animals and the planet, and so seek a balanced life.

Triple Goddess Coven is is a registered nonprofit with the Washington Secretary of State, and we have recently earned our 501c3 status.

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