Yule 2018

Yule 2018 was lead by acting HPS Nebulous. We said farewell to the Holly King and welcomed his counter part, the Oak King.

At Samhain, we began a journey through November’s grey into the darkness of December, where we have arrived at the year’s underworld. Yet, from the darkness is born the light; from void, fulfillment emerges. The darkest night of the year’s at the threshold. As we approach that darkest pit, that Midnight of the Year, the Holly King has arrived to walk with us. Silently, he appears; robed all in white, he is bent, aged and feeble now,and the time has come again for him to surrender his reign to his brother,his counterpart, the Oak King, who rules the light half of the year. From out of the Holly King’s passing, the Oak King arises renewed, youthful, and strong. Let us say farewell to darkness, farewell to the Holly King; it is now time to open the door to welcome the Sun