Yule Winter Solstice 2022

Yule 2022 was performed by

High Priestess Syleena & High Priest Kalu

In the Northern Hemisphere, Yule is associated with the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the Year. Winter Solstice falls on Wednesday, December 21.
In Wicca, Yule marks the end and start of the Wheel of the Year. The death and rebirth of the Sun-God. While the Goddess shows her Life-in-Death aspect, for although at this season she is the Queen of the cold darkness, this is her moment for giving birth to the Child of Promise, the Son-Lover who will re-fertilize her and bring back light and warmth to her kingdom. We also recognize the Holly King’s rise to power over the Oak King who ruled supreme during the Summer Solstice.

Our ancestors relied heavily upon each other, to provide food and warmth through the harshest of the darkness. Yet many would perish to the merciless cold and starvation. The gifts that our ancestors provided to each other were not trinkets or hollow forms of commercial materialism. They gave each other hope, compassion, and often made real sacrifices for each other. Today we are protected against the cold like never before. But that does not mean the winter spirits do not pray upon us. As the sun dims or disappears through the veil of unending clouds, our energy slowly diminishes. Our bodies crave the touch of the sun’s heat, our mind depends upon the nutrients that the sun provides. So in this dark time of solitude, it is common to slip into depression or become physically ill. But you are not alone.

This Yule we did a meditation into our subconscious were family, light, and hope live all year. To keep remembrance of this sacred place we made Witches Balls. 

TGC was lucky enough to have the Renton Reporter attend and write a beautiful article. Pictures below are credit of the Renton Reporter and teh full article can be viewed on the website at https://www.rentonreporter.com/life/yule-in-the-pnw-how-witches-pagans-wiccans-celebrate-the-winter-holidays/