Mabon 2019

Mabon was conducted by Priestess Keigha

Mabon, also known as the Autumn equinox is the second time of the year when the light and dark are balanced. Once more, on the cusp of transition, when light and dark are balanced on Earth, we celebrate change, balance, letting go, and thankfulness.

The year is getting older.  The wheel is turning and because of the lessons The Lady of the Wood have taught us, we know that all that dies shall be reborn.  We see it all around us.  The plants and animals show us the wisdom of rest and renewal.  You cannot have life without death and you cannot have renewal without rest.

Look around your life and see what you can let go of. What needs to die and be reborn somewhere else? Winter is coming and we only want to keep what we are truly grateful for. Remember that everything you hold on to, is telling the universe, “This is what I love and want more of in my life” if you don’t truly love it, let it go.