Yule Winter Solstice 2019

Yule Winter Solstice 2019

This years Yule ritual was performed by Priestess Serenity

The most recent sabbat we celebrated was Samhain, which fell between the Fall Equinox, known as Mabon, and today’s Winter Solstice, which we call Yule. Samhain was the third and final harvest of the year. Since Samhain, it has grown darker and darker. Darkness has overpowered the light, our days have become colder, our nights longer, and many life forces have been put to rest. The leaves have changed their colors and have fallen to the ground, leaving the barren, skeletal structures of their trees hauntingly reaching out, aching for the suns return. Animals have retreated into the earth for protection and warmth, and we humans have cozied up for comfort.

During this period of time, many of us are fortunate to have warm homes, cushioned beds, accessible foods, heat and light sources, as well as continuous entertainment that stimulates and keeps us content during this time of the year.

However, when we consider the perspectives and experiences our ancestors may have had, it’s humbling to imagine how challenging this time may have been for them. Our ancestors were dependent on the sun for warmth and for the successful growth of their foods. Upon the arrival of the Samhain harvest, foods had to be preserved and carefully regulated in order for their resources to last through the long winter months. Because our ancestors could not provide for all of their animals, several were sacrificed and made into delicious meats, which helped to sustain the people, but also made it possible for the remaining animals to have what they needed to be cared for.

Vulnerable to exposure and a lack of nutritious sources, our ancestors worried about the absence of the glorious sun, and may have feared the sun might not ever return.

This is why our Yule Sabbat inspires celebration and great festivities!

Throughout this dark time, our Mother Goddess has been pregnant with her son. And upon the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day, and the longest night of the year, she goes into labor and gives birth to her Sun-God.

With the birth of the Sun, we can meet each other with joy, as we embrace the return of this celestial orb, it’s warmth and light!