Mabon Fall Equinox 2020

Mabon 2020 was conducted by Priestess Serenity

Mabon Gratitude Spell

1. Make sure you have all of your supplies ready and organize them upon
your altar cloth or magickal work place. Make sure you light your candle
and begin burning your incense. You will want:
1 lit candle
1 writing utensil
At least 2 sheets of paper
1 burn bowl
Burning incense

2. We are going to take the first sheet of paper and think of someone we are
grateful for and why.
This can be a friend, a family member, a lover, a familiar or even a tree or plant that you are thankful for. Be sure to leave blank spaces on the edges of the left and right side of your paper. I’ll explain why in just a moment.
I like to begin my letters formally. I begin with, “My Dearest,” then add the name of who, or what, I am expressing my gratitude towards.

Now, express in writing how and why you are thankful for them. Perhaps it is a memory you share, something they have done that uplifted you when you were not at your best, or something you have observed in them that inspires you to be a better person.

3. Next we will roll our letter of gratitude.
Carefully roll your letter into a tight and neat little scroll. Look at how cute it is!

4. Focus on your gratitude towards whomever you wrote your letter to.
Be sure to breathe as you are focusing your energy.

5. Take your scroll and light the edges of it aflame. This is why we want to keep our writing clear of the edges of our letter. We don’t want to
burn off what we wrote. Don’t lose your focus, however, and continue thinking and feeling your thoughts ofgratitude. Charge your letter with those energies.
As you continue thinking your thoughts of gratitude, begin to blow out the flames at the
edges of your scroll.

6. Hold your scroll over your burning incense and charge it with even more
energy and positive thoughts of gratitude.

7. Smudge out the edges of your scroll in your burn bowl.
Imagine your are continuing to spark the energy you are placing onto your letter.

8. Tie your ribbon around your scroll and finish it off with a bow.

9. As you hold your scroll in your hand say:
“As the sun begins to fade,
And the moon begins to rise,
May you feel my love and thanks,
Beyond our blue and purple skies.
So mote it be!”

10. Now, you will repeat this process and write at least one more letter. The
second letter will be a letter to yourself.

At Triple Goddess Coven we understand that many are experiencing hardships during this uncertain and, in several cases, frightening time. Our mental, physical and spiritual health is being tested. We want to remind you of your strength, power, and resilience. It takes courage to begin each day and live through it. Please be gentle and kind to yourself
and think of 3 things you are grateful for that are of your own doing. These can be as simple as thanking yourself for doing your laundry, remembering to floss your teeth, or
something as meaningful as caring for a loved one when they got sick, educating your children while they have been at home, or, perhaps, remembering that you are divine and worthy of self care.

11. Roll your letter

12. Focus on the gratitude you have towards yourself.

13. Light the edges of the scroll aflame, then blow the flames out with your
thoughts of gratitude.

14. Charge your scroll with positive thoughts of gratitude over your incense.

15. Smudge our the edges of your scroll in your burn bowl.

16. Tie a ribbon around your scroll.

17. Hold your scroll and say:
“As the sun begins to fade,
And the moon begins to rise,
May you feel my love and thanks,
Beyond our blue and purple skies.
So mote it be!”