TGC 2021 Witches’ Calendar

Triple Goddess Coven has released their first official Witches’ Calendar!! This 2021 wall calendar features 12 ORIGINAL artistically enhanced photos of our Coven members and their Animal Guides in magical settings! Each month’s calendar grid comes pre-filled with US standard holidays, PLUS all eight Wiccan sabbats (Northern Hemisphere), all Full Moons/New moons and their astrological signs, Mercury Retrograde periods, plus plenty of room to write your own personal special days. This project has been more than a year in the making and we are very excited to share it with our patrons!⠀
— ON SALE NOW – Quantities are VERY limited, READY TO SHIP for $25 including shipping – ⠀
— All proceeds help us to continue the work we do for our community. Triple Goddess Coven is a registered 501c3 non-profit church.⠀
***** ART CREDITS *****⠀

– Members of Triple Goddess Coven!⠀

—CALENDAR DESIGN (Image edits, photo collages/manipulations, & art direction):⠀
– Nebulosus Severine @nebulosus_severine (Instagram)⠀

– Windsor Solberg Photography⠀
– Connor Bolton @drawntoconn (Instagram)⠀
– Carly Ann Darnall @carlysmashesivory (Instagram)⠀
– Nebulosus Severine @nebulosus_severine (Instagram)⠀

– Carly Ann Darnall @carlysmashesivory (Instagram)⠀

– Milo Bostock (barn owl) (CC License Attribution 2.0 Generic