Lammas 2020

Lammas 2020 was conducted by Priestess Aura

Lammas is the first harvest of the year.  We are starting to see the first glimmers of our efforts that we started in the Spring pay off.  This was the time of year when our ancestors could look around and see what kind of crop they would be harvesting in the Autumn.  Are our plants standing tall and healthy or have they been eaten by hordes of hungry deer?  Lammas is also a time where we recognize that something will die so that we can continue to live and we honor the life that gives us life.    

“In our lives we should be seeing some of the efforts that we have been putting in this year towards our goals pay off.  This is the time to look around your life and assess whether or not you are on the right path.  Maybe the goals you set at the beginning of the year were not appropriate for this time in your life?  Or maybe you need to make some adjustments to what you are doing to facilitate those goals.  This is the time to do this.  Sometimes we need to sacrifice something to achieve our goals.

Harvest Jar Spell

Gather the following:⠀
– Glass jar with lid (a small box will also work)⠀
– Square of cotton fabric large enough to cover top of jar⠀
– Needle & thread⠀
– Twine cord⠀
– Harvest incense blend (***see below)⠀
– Scissors (Optional: Pinking shears)⠀
– Colored pens, pencils, markers, etc. for writing and drawing ⠀
– Several small pieces of paper ⠀
– A small metal charm of your choosing⠀
– A list of your accomplishments this year so far: victories, gains, lessons learned, achievements, etc.⠀
– Optional: Carnelian beads or chips; Bloodstone beads or chips⠀

Combine the following, based on which ingredients are available to you:⠀
*Healing – willow, sandalwood, fennel seed⠀
*Love – Rose petals, apple, catnip⠀
*Money – Ginger, clove, dill⠀
*Protection – Cinnamon, basil, cedar⠀
*Purify – Lavender, rosemary, lemon⠀
*Wisdom – Sage, peach, sunflower⠀
*Fertility – Hazel, carrot, grape⠀
*Wishes – Dandelion Root, walnut, bamboo⠀

Place hands over Harvest Jar and say,

“Bast and Ra, please bless this Harvest jar full of our hopes and dreams. Please help us to know what is needed to bring our wishes to us. Please help us to understand what we need to let go of to make room for success. Please help us to celebrate and be thankful for the blessings we have already received. So mote it be.”